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FirstStep Flight Gift Certificates

Instructions for reserving the flight lesson's date and time are included with the gift certificate. Have a special date request? Call us 541-895-5935 or send us an Email—We will make every attempt to accommodate your special request! There is also a text box for gift certificate personalization when you checkout ("Happy Birthday" or Congratulations, etc.). Please provide the gift certificate recipient's  FULL NAME  and any other personalization you wish to add to your gift certificate in the text box provided.

Private Pilot FirstStepô Flight Lesson Gift Certificate

From ground briefing to engine start, taxi, takeoff and landing this is a full two-hour program (one-hour flight time).

We normally send a printable gift certificate (PDF file) via Email but if you prefer we can send it via U.S. Mail. Please write gift certificate recipients name in the text box provided during checkout.

Select below how you wish to receive the gift certificate:
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Sport Pilot FirstStepô Gift Certificate

From start, taxi, takeoff, to landing this is a full one-hour program (one-half hour of flight time). This flight is usually provided in our Cessna 162 Skycatcher.


We normally send a printable gift certificate via Email but if you prefer we can send it via U.S. Mail. You will be asked for this information and the gift certificate recipient's name when you place your order.

Select how would you like us to send the gift certificate below.
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Personalize gift certificates—Any Amount* You Want!

Custom make your own gift certificate, give it your own "Name" and choose the amount you want to give. You can even add a greeting such as; Happy Birthday, Happy Flying, or something more creative like, "Stop complaining and go have fun!" 

We can send the custom gift certificate to you or to the participant—It's your choice! Just use the text box provided below or during checkout and we'll take care of the rest.

* Minimum $25.00

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